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Conservation & development with an eye on China.
A Tibetan family near the town of Zoigê in northwestern Sichuan Province.

A Gobi bear in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, the subject of one of China’s recent wildlife conservation technical assistance programs. (via Gobi Bear Project)

In 2015, the Smithsonian Institute signs an agreement with the China Wildlife Conservation Association to cooperate on Giant Panda research and breeding. Photo: Meghan Murphy via Smithsonian Insider.

Professor Li discusses threats to the boundaries of the new national park with Dujiangyan Forestry Department and TNC staff.

Undergraduate students watch a demonstration by a third-party environmental education organization at Longxi-Hongkou.

A giant panda chomps on bamboo at Chengdu’s Panda Research Base.

A giant panda chews on bamboo at the Panda Breeding & Research Center in Chengdu, Sichuan.


A kava plantation in Fiji.

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